When it comes to Workplace HSE and Process Safety, as a company or organisation, you may have all the resources you need for risk management, assessment, safety etc.

If you are 100% satisfied that “your finger is on the pulse”, you have those “superb stats” on safety & you are living the “zero accidents” utopia……you don’t need me.  But if you are doubtful, have some concerns or any questions, then it’s time for a rethink.   Let’s face it…there is always room for improvement.

Firstly, let’s start by looking at the Risk Profile within your business, operations, for all the various facets.  Then, let’s get down to it by “Doing”, “Analysing” and “Refocusing”.

In a nutshell, I provide experienced-based advice, support, training and guidance in:

  • Risk Profiling;
  • Planning, application, measuring and monitoring;
  • Performance evaluation; and
  • Renergising and refocusing.




…is the “key” to having success with regards to Workplace HSE and Process Safety.

Sonni Gopal - CMIOSH CEng CEnvSoc SFIIRSM FIChemE

Sonni Gopal - CMIOSH CEng CEnvSoc SFIIRSM FIChemE

Founder / MD

Chartered Chemical Engineer, over 30 years of International multi-sector experience in HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) and PSM (Process Safety Management). Sensible, realistic approach in developing and implementing policies, procedures and systems. Highly experienced, having successfully audited and embedded multiple HSE and PSM systems.

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