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2018 Blog Posts (Latest First)

How to promote equality and diversity in your workplace

Create a Positive Working Environment It is important to ensure that fairness is paramount when it comes to equality and diversity. Having a fair approach generates a highly productive working environment. After all, it's difficult to work effectively when an...

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Crisis Management Hits Crisis At Trump Tower

Crisis Management Hits Crisis At Trump Tower Let’s face it, things “will” go wrong even with the best-designed systems and processes. (Murphy’s Law + Law of inevitability). All we can do is our best and make sure that we have addressed all potential risks in a crisis...

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Did Gordon Gekko care about ESG and what exactly is ESG?

  So what is Environment Social Governance and why is it important? Recently, I had the great pleasure of working with a Client who asked me to support them in an Environment Social Governance (ESG) assessment for an Investment Organisation. To say it was strange how...

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Change Management – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

  What is Change Management And Is It Important for Risk Management? Change Management or Management of Change (MoC) is a "process" that helps us to ensure that proposed changes don't result in introducing new hazards or increasing the existing hazards profile. Change...

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What Is Gap Analysis And Why Is It Important?

  What is Gap Analysis? In the "world" of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), Organisations are often at a juncture where they are unsure about what to do or perhaps where they are...after all, they have to make money and that's far more important...right?  Step in...

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What is a balanced scorecard?

So, what is a balanced scorecard and how can we apply them to HSE? Created in 1992 by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, the balanced scorecard (BSC) was and was initially aimed at helping public agencies better manage and measure performance. More recently, BSC has been...

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2 Faced Key Performance Indicators

  Key Performance Indicators (KPI) - To Lead or to Lag, that's the question? Not only is it important to select Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are fit for purpose, easy to manage and sustainable but it's a good idea to have 2 Faced KPI in that they should be...

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How To Manage Training and Learning Within Organisations

In order to understand how to manage training and learning within organisations, it is important to conduct a review in the form of a Training Needs Analysis (TNA). Whilst the Organisation will have specific needs relative to Corporate objectives and/or...

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How To Develop a Successful Corporate Safety Strategy

Whilst we can adopt specific ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment, we also need to ensure that know how to develop a successful corporate safety strategy, let's start with defining and understanding what is Corporate Strategy. I'll...

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