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2019 Podcasts (Latest First)

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2018 Podcasts (Latest First)

Safety Culture, Leadership and Behavioural Safety [SMP #015]

Safety Culture, Leadership and Behavioural SafetyThis was a great interview with Tim during which we discuss safety culture, leadership and behavioural safety.Tim has a really pragmatic approach in these topics and he takes us "safely" through the myriad of challenges...

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Let’s Make Safety Fun [SMP #013]

Richard Hawk Interview - Let's Make Safety FunThat word "FUN"- Around 10 years ago, Safety and Fun were 2 words you would not see “joined up”."YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AROUND HERE"That’s what we most likely heard..why are things different now?In this Safety...

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Introduction to the Safety Continuum [SMP #012]

Introduction to the "Safety Continuum"...what is it?“People are at the centre of everything that we do”...In the world of “safety”, there are 4 distinctive areas of interaction within the “Safety Continuum“. The “Safety Continuum” comprises:DESIGN:  We have to start...

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Shaping HSE in the UAE [SMP #011]

Dr Waddah Ghanem Interview - Shaping HSE in the UAEIn this SMP podcast, I interview Dr Waddah Ghanem.Waddah is the Senior Director for Sustainability, Operational & Business Excellence at the Emirates National Oil Company.We discuss the status of Health, Safety...

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How To Improve Safety Culture Within An Organisation [SMP #010]

How To Improve Safety Culture Within An Organisation If I had a $1 for every time I’ve been asked the question “How to Improve Safety Culture Within An Organisation“…I would have well over a $500 now!!! In this audio blog, I would like to share how to improve safety...

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View From The Top [SMP #009]

Paul Wright Interview - View From The TopFollowing the IOSH Article (Leader Interview) in August 2018, I wanted to discuss further Paul’s thoughts and vision he has on safety within the waste industry. In this podcast, speaking with great authority and position, Paul...

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Safety And The Role Of Big Data [SMP #007]

Mark LaCour Interview - Safety And The Role Of Big DataMark is a true giant in the field of “digital media networking” and safety. If anyone can talk about safety and the role of big data with confidence, expertise and experiences…it will be Mark. I did an article...

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Cambridge Analytica and Big Data [SMP #006]

Cambridge Analytica and Big DataCambridge Analytica “used personal information harvested from more than 50 million Facebook profiles without permission to build a system that could target US voters with personalised political advertisements based on their...

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Crisis Management Hits Crisis at Trump Tower [SMP #005]

Let’s face it, things “will” go wrong even with the best-designed systems and processes (Murphy’s Law + Law of inevitability). All we can do is our best and make sure that we have addressed all potential risks in a crisis management plan in order to mitigate/...

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Collection of “Mini-Casts” (quick overview of generic aspects):

Mini #003 – 2018 Year End Podcast (Review and Look Ahead)

A quick “minicast” to finish the year with. 

I look back at the podcasts shows and share with you my thoughts for 2019 on the format, structure and content plus release day.

Looking forward to catching up with you all in 2019.

Mini #002 – Colour Code For Podcast Episodes and Shows

We had a question from one of our listeners asking us to describe the colour coding we use for our shows and why..? As the show grows, we want to make sure that you can access information readily and easily. After all, we are all about “performance improvement” and “development”. In this minicast, I provide a quick overview of the colours and the logic.

Mini #001 – The Fundamentals of Developing and Growing Your Own Business

The Fundamentals of Developing and Growing Your Own Business

In this “minicast” show (i.e., no frills),  I want to share with you fundamental tips for developing and growing your own business. There is an accompanying “free” download below that you can use to map out your requirements based upon B2B or B2C.