SMP’s New Co-Host (Plus Sonni Gets A Grilling, For a Change)

Sukhleen GopalI am really pleased to introduce the newest member to the Safety Matters Podcast, Sukhleen Gopal (my daughter). Sukhleen and I start to discuss her background and then (as she does), the tables are quickly turned and I get the “grilling”.

Whilst I have already (at the beginning) produced a podcast on why etc., it was great to have an opportunity to explain in more detail why I started the Safety Matters Podcast because I had the chance dive into my background and experiences.

Sukhleen is passionate about being a “positive change catalyst” and her background in Human Psychology, Dynamics, Counselling plus Cognitive Behaviour Therapy will greatly enhance the show with respect to “Safety, Health and Well-being”. A great big warm welcome to Sukhleen and here’s to some terrific future shows.